Everest provides the ability to transform the administration process into a focused, system driven process which improves both the credibility of the data and the communication to the members of the fund.

The fundamental problem with administration is the time consuming manual changes required by an administrator. There is significant duplication of the process between the client human resources manager and the administrator. Removing or at least reducing the amount of time spent by the administrator allows the administration team to focus on the management of the processes and expedite the claim payments.

Fund Accounting

The fundamental shift between traditional administration systems and the Everest system is the automation of the accounting procedures within the administration process.

The system is able to prepare a fully reconciled set of accounts at any point in time, owing to the unique way in which the system is designed. The system is able to produce supporting documentation with a fully reconciled audit trail, which can track the source of all entries made throughout the accounting period. Supporting documentation is generated for use by the external auditor.

Group Risk

We administer both voluntary and compulsory group risk as well as individual life policies including funeral with various plan options and benefit structures. Everest has the capability to administer all types of regular risk policies including a Credit Life offering. The system has further been enhanced to allow for debit order collections and a payroll interface.

Investment Administration

EBSphere has developed an integration for investment administration platforms, which allow straight through processing, eliminating any manual loading and pricing. This function will reconcile assets to Everest after every trade.

Mobile Application

EBSphere has developed a mobile application for all Android and Apple phones, allowing the user to login and access their details, fund balances, benefit statement values and any communication loaded by the fund.

Online Claim Submission

Claims can be submitted via a web portal that has all the validation requirements needed to process a claim. Once completed and submitted, the claim is automatically initiated on the Everest system workflow. The entire claim process can also follow through an automated process and be paid without any manual intervention.

Pensioner Payroll

The pensioner payroll module in Everest is capable of administering living annuities, life annuities and trust payments. The functionality includes deduction of  PAYE Tax, additional tax, medical aid subscriptions and housing loans.


The SMS system is fully integrated within Everest and is flexible enough to allow for communication to members at various stages as per client requirements.


Our Web allows member access to real time benefit statements, investment returns and risk benefits. Members have the ability to do their own investment switching and update their beneficiary information online. Fund communication can be uploaded for member access. Employers are able to monitor the claim process and obtain member documentation such as IRP5’s and claim forms. The Web can also allow for a Trustee login and only display the necessary information available to Trustees.

Web Updates (EPIC) Everest Payroll Integration of Contributions and Claims

The Web Updates system is an add-on to our existing web front end. It can be accessed independently on the member portal, which will allow employers to interface, upload and reconcile their monthly payroll file which would perform the majority of the monthly reconciliation functions, such as adding new employees and changing salaries.