Everest is an integrated accounting and administrative workflow software solution for the Employee Benefits Industry.  This includes investment, administration, pensioner payroll capabilities and group risk administration.  Its capabilities include administering living annuities, life annuities, trust payments, including deduction of PAYE tax, additional tax, medical aid subscriptions, housing loans, voluntary and compulsory group risk, funeral plans with various plan options and benefit structures.  It is an effective, comprehensive administration system that presents a true and accurate reflection of the transactions of the funds on an instantaneous basis.

The Everest software system acts as an entire integration and workflow tool. The process of communication between the administrator and the client is removed through the internet link. The link communicates directly with the back-end database of the system, thereby removing manual manipulation of data which often results in human error. Certain administrators have built internet interfacing onto their existing systems, however accepting information that has not been reconciled or thoroughly validated does not alleviate the problems of incorrect recording, but rather reflects poorly on the administration house.

Everest utilises one database from which the internet interfacing is extracted and taps into the client’s payroll system for accurate, thorough and up to date data. By developing an effective, online, comprehensive administration system, the objective of Everest is to present a true and accurate reflection of the transactions of the fund on an instantaneous basis.